Buying Cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin or Ethereum

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Buying Most Cryptocurrencies Is A Two-Step Process

1. Purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) on one exchange using US Dollars, Euros, etc.
2. Transfer the Bitcoin or Ethereum to a 2nd exchange and buy other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Verge, IOTA, Cardano using BTC or ETH

Step 1 – Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum

If you haven’t yet purchased Bitcoin or Ethereum, or want to hold what you have and purchase more, we recommend the following methods:

The Fast Way:
Use Coinbase or Changelly combined with a credit card. These two services allow you to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum almost instantly. For the speed and convenience, they do charge you a higher fee.

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Join Changelly today and buy Bitcoin or Ethereum instantly with a credit card!

 The Slow Way:
Use Coinbase (not using a credit card) or Gemini, and transfer money via bank wire or ACH transfer. Although slower, you will pay lower fees.

Join Gemini today and buy BTC and ETH with US Dollars – bank wire or ACH transfer only!




ETH -3.61%

Step 2 – Buying Other Cryptocurrencies
Binance Cryptocurrency ExchangeOnce you have your BTC or ETH, create an account on Binance, the top-rated exchange in the world for buying over one hundred of the hottest cryptocurrencies including Cardano, IOTA, Icon, TRON and Stellar Lumens. Or, read our Binance Exchange Review.